Malaysia Essential Oil

The demand for essential oil in Malaysia has been growing as more and more people come to understand and accept alternative treatment using essential oil.  First of all, essential oils are natural extracts from plants.  So, we are talking about the essence of the nature, which are not human created or synthetic.

Essential Oils, are highly concentrated extracts, has medical benefits, and has been used more than 5,000 years ago to treat, cure and prevent diseases.  While now we ought to be careful with our choice of words, cure may not be a very good words to use for essential oil.  But, many studies has concluded that using essential oils, such as Lavender oil helps in promoting better sleep, Eucalyptus oil relaxes the mind, Tea Tree  is an effective antiseptic.

However, essential oil does not come cheap.  One must be made aware of the differences between essential oil and fragrant oil.  Fragrant oils are likely to be synthetic (created chemically by human) to match the aroma smell of essential oil.  While both may smell similar, but would have huge differences when it comes to medical and health benefits.  Essential oils are natural so their molecular structure are easily absorbed by our body, which the same cannot be said about fragrant oil.

Another by-product of essential oils are fragrant water.  Essential Oils are usually extracted via stream distillation method, whereby stream is applied.  In this process, essential oil can be extracted and when the stream cool down, there will be fragrant water collected too.

Fragrant water is consider natural, but has little medical benefits, except it’s smell.  These fragrant water are usually use to make fragrant, such as car perfume etc as they are much cheaper.

Essential Oils are scarce resources thus comes with a price.  It is common to pay close to RM100 for a 15ml essential oil.

One of the Essential Oil brand in Malaysia is Appease Essential Oil, which is pure and undiluted.  Its lavender oil is extracted from Lavandula Angustifolia, originated from France, and other popular essential oil like Tea Tree is extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia, originated from Australia.

List of Exhibitions in Malaysia

Malaysia is definitely one of the best destination to host events, conference as well as Trade exhibitions.  Being strategically located in the centre of South East Asia, and with a population that is so talented with many languages, and coupled with mega shopping centres, great hospitality and great food.  Coming to Malaysia for trade events is definitely a business pleasures.

With a tropical weather, exhibitions and trade fairs can be hosted any time all year round and with so many exhibitions centres, you will be spoilt for choice.  Not to mentioned about Hotels in Malaysia are among the cheapest around the world.

For a list of exhibitions in Malaysia, remember to check out:

KLIA2 – The pride of Malaysia Travel

Tourism is one of the major income contribution to Malaysia economy, and thanks to AirAsia, the real no frill budget airline, that makes air travelling possible by offer low rate.  In the past 10 years, air travelling is not common as not many people can afford it.  It was never on the public mind that their can travel by air.  AirAsia has changed all these, and as per their slogan, now, everyone can fly.

The first low cost terminal, known as LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) was constructed to facilitate the amount of travellers , both domestic and international.  But with AirAsia expanding their network, flying to more destination, also bring more travellers to Malaysia, the LCCT can no longer cope with the traffic.  Thus, KLIA2 was built to cope with the increasing numbers if passengers.  KLIA2 is build to cater to 45 million passengers, which is twice the amount that LCCT was build for.

KLIA2 is known as Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, no longer to be associated to Low Cost Terminal.  This new Airport is build beautifully and well designed, with plenty of space.  Complete with a shopping centre and plenty of covered car park.  It is a complete build-up against LCCT, which look very much like a overnight warehouse turn airport.

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Travelling is no longer a rich man thing.  Thanks to all the budget airline spurring up in this Asia region.  With AirAsia, TigerAir, Jetstar, MalindorAir as well as Cebu Pacific Airlines, getting to your desired travel destinations is no longer restricted to full fledge / full service national carrier.  With these budget airlines, or no filled airlines as they preferred to be called, travelling becomes a leisure activities that you can engage on a monthly basis. is a great site that features and highlight all the promotions that these airlines are offering, so you know before hand which airline you should consider flying, helping you save cost and time.  Check it out!

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Latest 4D Results

If you are a 4D kaki (player), you will not be able to wait till the next day to check if your 4D number is a winning number.  In the past, people does not mind buying 4D results slips hand-copied just to check the winning results.  With the internet, checking for 4D result is so much easier.  A visit to numerous 4D sites, you are able to get the latest 4D results.  All in one glance.  Better still, you can check for past 4D results that you have missed.  Be it for Magnum, Damacai or Sporst TOTO.

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Car Insurance Malaysia

If you own a car, you will need to renew your car insurance every year.  Renewing car insurance can be quite troublesome if you do not know any general insurance agent.  Meeting a general insurance agent may also be troublesome as you will need to travel to meet-up, make payment via cheque etc.  Would you wish that you can renew car insurance online and make payment via credit card?  That will save you a bit, in term of cash back rebate, if not, earn some credit card point.  Payment by credit card at least help you in your cash flow as you need not put all cash out-front.  To renew your car insurance online, visit and request for a quotation.

Payment will only be made when you are agreeable to the quotation and a secure link via paypal will be sent to your email to allow you make credit card payment safely and securely.  Within 10 minutes after payment made, you will receive you insurance policy via email, which has earlier transmitted to JPJ to allow you renew your road tax.

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